orthanc deploy

I want to know if orthanc has been used in a larger scale implementation. which are the viewers that have been used with it. I just want to know. and what is the score given by the end user in this case. I have used it with a system to test your information handling. but I have been left alone in the use of once. also if possible not necessarily enter the viewer in the .json

Biggest setups we have heard of so far contained about 7-10 TB of data.

I have not idea concerning the number of concurrent users. Anyway, performances achieved in an environment would not mean anything in another environment. Orthanc performance is affected by CPU/RAM/network bandwidth/DB performance/File system performance/number of Orthanc connected to the same DB so it’s up to you to test in your environment.

Concerning the viewers, check this: http://book.orthanc-server.com/faq/viewers.html