Orthanc as DICOM network analyzer


have anyone experience Orthanc as DICOM network analyzer? It is possible to bend it to this purpose?

I’m trying to implement a DICOM network analyzer on a RaspberryPi, and I need something that runs on Raspbian but I’m not sure Orthanc fit the purpose.

Thank you in advance for any help and advice.

No but you can use Wireshark, it is able to detect DICOM packets.

I second Alain’s suggestion, a lower level sniffer would be a better idea. Ideally the router should capture the packets, generate a pcap file and you could use wireshark to analyze them. Anything else and you risk the sniffer dropping packets or modifying the packets before rerouting them to the original destination.

As a complement to Alain and Tomas’ answers, if you don’t want to run Wireshark on the Raspberry, you can capture network packets from the command-line using tcpdump, then analyze the captured packets on another computer using Wireshark: