Orthanc and zfs incompatibility?


While testing orthanc running on a truenas jail i noticed pretty low performance 10-50Mb/s network transfer speeds, while that seemed odd, the server which was running truenas got upgraded too see if it was a hardware issue, and it keep the same speeds. so i did a bit of testing to see if it was an isolated issue and it turns out, that if orthanc storage or database touch any folder running on ZFS it slows down to that maximun of 50Mb/s transfer on hhd and only goes up to 50-65 Mb/s on an ssd.

so i proceded to do sometesting.
Hardware specs:

  • Cpu:AMD Phenon II x4 955 @ 3.5ghz
  • Ram:8GB DDR3 @ 1333Mhz
  • HDD: WD blue 250GB
  • SSD: Crucial bx500 240GB
    so with that hardware i proceded to testing.

All tests were done with the same set of studies, 3 studies, around 5.4k images and 2.8GB of data in total. sending using radiant on windows.

all tests were done with the same configuration, appart from minor diferences in paths due to external mounting or os diferences.

all test were done with orthanc 1.11.0

First the structure to the testing and results

<guest os(if applicable)> <orthanc database storage type(HDD or SSD>

Tests Results

  1. Truenas core 12.0-u8.1, freebsd release 12.3, ZFS, Pkg, HDD, 40-50Mb/s

  2. Truenas core 12.0-u8.1, freebsd release 12.3, ZFS, Pkg, SSD, 50-65Mb/s

  3. Truenas core 12.0-u8.1, Ubuntu server VM 22.04 LTS, ZFS, Apt, HDD, 30-50Mb/s

  4. Truenas core 12.0-u8.1, Almalinux 8.6 VM, Docker image,Local vm disk(ZFS from truenas host) HDD, 40-60Mb/s

  5. Truenas core 12.0-u8.1, Almalinux 8.6 VM, NFS share(to ZFS on truenas host) Docker image, HDD, 40-50Mb/s

  6. Truenas core 12.0-u8.1, Windows 10 VM, SMB share(to ZFS on truenas host)

  7. Manjaro KDE 21.2.6, N/A, Ext4, Docker image, HDD,200-350 Mb/s

  8. Debian 11.3.0, N/A, ZFS, Apt, 40-50 Mb/s

  9. XCP-ng 8.2.1, Almalinux 8.6 VM, Ext4, Docker, HDD, 200-250Mb/s

  10. Windows 10, N/A, NTFS, osimis installer, SSD,150-200Mb/s
    so the test results seem odd, that only when orthanc, touches ZFS the performance takes a dive.
    tested with both SQLlite and postgresSQl and had no significative performance gains.

If anyone can shed some ligth into what migth be happening i would be greatfull.

here is the standar config file that was used

orthanc.json (38.7 KB)

Hi Francisco,

Sorry but there’s not much we can say about that. From the Orthanc point of view, a file system is a file system, it just relies on the OS to write files.

Note that, from a quick search on the web, it seems the ZFS is quite often much slower than EXT4.

Only setting that could have an impact is “SyncStorageArea