Orthanc 1.9.2 performance question

The release post of Orthanc 1.9.2 states the following:

“Orthanc will be compatible with multiple writers/readers sharing the same database. One Orthanc server will also manage several connections to PostgreSQL/MySQL, in order to improve performance by adding concurrency.”

Will this also improve performance in scenarios in single writer scenarios ie just one server running orthanc but obviously multiple users accessing the system at the same time ?

The answer is yes, as explained in the Orthanc Book:

“Furthermore, one Orthanc server can also manage several connections to PostgreSQL or MySQL, in order to improve performance by adding concurrency. Read-only database transactions are also distinguished from read-write transactions in order for the database engine to further optimize the patterns of access.”


That is really great !

In the diagram on this page: https://book.orthanc-server.com/faq/scalability.html#concurrent-accesses-to-the-db-in-orthanc-1-9-2

It shows multiple Orthanc instances connected to a single Postgres database. I might want to also have a RIS perform read-only transactions (maybe even limited write transactions later) to an Orthanc Postgres database. My Orthanc instances are using the FROM osimis/orthanc images, which are using:

Orthanc server 1.9.2 & PostgreSQL plugin 4.0.

and I’m using postgres:latest from Docker Hub for the postgres database.

Thank you.

Stephen D. Scotti