Orthanc 1.5.3: Port in use and unexpected message


Today I accidentally started an instance of Orthanc without stopping another one that was already using port 8042. As expected, Orthanc exited.

But one particular log caught my attention:

2019-02-06 15:10:04,248 ERROR — [140586974040256] Orthanc.ServerContext : INTERNAL ERROR: ServerContext::Stop() should be invoked manually to avoid mess in the destruction order!

Should I worry about it or is it just the way Orthanc exits when this happens?

PS: nevermind the look of the logs, I’ve changed the code a little to work with log4cpp

Thanks in advance!


log-orthanc-port-in-use.txt (7.01 KB)


This error message is expected, and can be safely ignored.