Orthanc 0.9.2, upgraded plugins and DICOMweb

Dear friends,

Today, we are very happy to announce several news from the Orthanc project:

  1. Orthanc 0.9.2 has been released. This is a maintenance release with some bugfixes and upgrades.
  2. PostgreSQL 1.2 and WebViewer 1.2 have been released. We now provide official Windows binaries for these two plugins.
  3. Importantly, we have released the version 0.1 of a plugin to extend Orthanc with the WADO and DICOMweb (WADO-RS, QIDO-RS, STOW-RS) standards. Windows binaries are also available.
    All these downloads are freely accessible as usual on the official Web site:



I think maybe could be better to keep using WADO-URI to refer to old WADO, as documented on PS3.18, not to confuse with the rest of WADO services (-URI, -RS, -WS).

Thanks for the feedback, this should be clearer now:

Congratulations, S├ębastien !