Dear community,

It is my pleasure to inform you that a complete, brand new OpenAPI documentation of the REST API of Orthanc is now available:

This OpenAPI covers all the 258 endpoints of the REST API of Orthanc 1.8.2. There are probably many glitches, but this will be improved over time.

A “cheat sheet” is also available in the Orthanc Book for quick reference:

The text of this documentation is now directly embedded inside the source code of Orthanc, close to the implementation of the endpoints. This allows to keep the reference and features in sync, and to make the documentation maintainable in the long term. Automated tools have been designed to convert the source code into the Web pages above.

This works supersedes the great earlier contributions by Chris and Aditya, for which we are still extremely grateful, as they have been useful to many people over the last 18 months:

Kind Regards,

Amazing work. Thank you.

Great job. Thank you.

great job , thank’s a lot
but still there is not how to add patient with POST methode , i hope you add it


This is already documented in “POST /instances”:

Once Orthanc receives a DICOM instance, the parent patient of this instance is automatically added to Orthanc. Similarly, once a patient has no more DICOM instance after some deletion, this patient is automatically deleted. The same holds for parent study and parent series.