One-time access for DICOM Web Viewer (or Omisis)

Hey folks,

I need to implement a custom permission workflow to allow specific users to access a specific study on DWV or Omisis. In my application, once user click to view the study I’d create a new access token and redirect the user to DWV/Omisis including the access token. Orthanc would send a POST to my webservice to check if this token is allowed to view the given DICOM study.

I’ve been learning about the Advanced Authorization plugin and it seems to do most of the job, but I don’t know how to:

  1. Get a link directly to a specific study on DWV/Omisis;
  2. Make it read and send to my REST service the custom token I’m providing in order to check the access;
  3. Give access only for DWV/Omisis instead of the whole Orthanc;
    Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance!


Please read the following FAQ entry:

Please contribute to the Orthanc project by finding a solution by yourself, then sharing it on this forum.


I am willing to pay for someone to implement such a feature for me.

Is anyone interested?