Need help with PostgreSQL plugin

Hello again,

Following Sébastien’s recommendation in another thread (which I chose not to use because the title does not apply), I’ve been working on using the PostgreSQL plugin to see if it will improve performance. I believe that it I have it working but there are some things going on that I don’t understand…

As mention, I’m running Ubuntu 17.10, n1-standard-4 (4 core, 15GB mem) processor, 10GB boot/local HDD. The DB is on a 500GB HDD. I want the PostgreSQL database on the 500GB disk. To this end, I’m using the following command to run the PostgreSQL container:

sudo docker run --name some-postgres
-e POSTGRES_USER=postgres
-v /mnt/disks/postgresql/data:/var/lib/postgresql/data

adding the -v volume mount option for this purpose. This seems to work: the /mnt/disks/postgresql/data tree grows as I load instance files through Orthanc.

However… at the same time that the PostgreSQL DB is growing, used space on the 10GB disk is also growing at about the same rate. So I am guessing that Orthanc is also storing data into the SQLite DB. Is that possible? I tried commenting out and/or changing the values of StorageDirectory and IndexDirectory in orthanc.json but I still see used space on that 10GB disk grow.

Can someone please explain what I need to do to suppress populating the SQLite DB, if that is in fact what is likely going on.


There are two plugins, one for Index and one for storage. Are you using both plugins?

Some more info here:

I’m using Dockerized PostgreSQL and Orthanc, as described here. Yes, the /app/explorer.html#plugins page shows both plugins, and, as I mentioned, PostgreSQL appears to be functioning, So, my question remains: Do I have to do something to prevent Orthanc from also storing into SQLite?


Mea culpa. It turns out that my -v /mnt/disks/postgresql/data:/var/lib/postgresql/data option was mounting /var/lib/postgresql/data to the boot disk not the 500GB disk.