Need explanation of log output

I am transferring MRI images from another PACS to Orthanc. These images are from GE Machine. Whenever Orthanc receives them, it outputs the following statement:

Found element (0023,1080) with VR UN and undefined length, reading a sequence with transfer syntax LittleEndianImplicit (CP-246)

I understand this is a private tag, inside Orthanc when i see this tag it shows it as
“0023,1080 (Unknown Tag and Data): null”

Whenever I receive this output in Orthanc, I am unable to open the study in OHIF.

What is the reason for it? Is there a way to resolve this?


This looks like a question to be asked to the OHIF team, as Orthanc seems to accept to receive and send this DICOM file:!forum/cornerstone-platform

If there is a problem within Orthanc, please provide us with a minimal working example (whose description must include a sample DICOM file):


Thanks Sebastian for the response.
I have examined the issue further, it is a nginx 504 timeout error in OHIF due to large size of MRI studies (Approx. 20 series and 1000 images). It times out even in relatively smaller study of 12 series 600 images.
Could this timeout due to client_max_body_size not set?
Can setting this value to a larger value than default help in resolving this issue?

I resolved the issue by increasing the proxy-timeout time in nginx config.