MySQL plugin ibdata size

Hello there, I have implemented an Orthanc server on Centos 7.5. For the Orthanc setup I have decided to use the MySQL plugin Index only while keeping the DICOM file storage on a separate RAID array on the server. So far I have copied around 9,000 studies (I have around 86,000 studies total) to the Orthanc server and my ibdata1 file under /var/lib/mysql is already 1.7GB and growing as more studies are being copied. My DICOM storage directory is around 400GB so far so I am sure that the DICOMs are kept separate from the DB. Is this something normal?


You should give a try to “OPTIMIZE TABLE”:


Thank you for the reply Mr. Jodogne. I will look into this and post the results.

I have currently transferred around 20,000 studies and the ibdata file is at 3.6GB. My DICOM folder is close to 1TB at the moment. I tried to optimize the tables but it returned errors saying that the tables did not support optimization but were being rebuilt instead. Sorry I don’t remember the exact message but it was something along those lines. I am not so concerned about this at the moment because a more serious issue has come up and that is the amount of time it takes to query from a Horos viewer to the Orthanc server. If I request a time period greater than a month, it always times out and even less than a month takes a very long time to post results of the query. If I do a query for a specific day, even that takes longer than normal to post results. Any ideas?

Try setting the “LimitFindResults” and “LimitFindInstances” to a value of, say, 100: