My cloud

Iam asking if i could connect my orthanc server with my cloud device as storage device. Is this possible and how i can do it any idea?

What do you mean by “my cloud device as storage device”?

If you expect help from the community, explain what is your “cloud device.”

Hello Ahmed

If your cloud storage can be mounted as a local filesystem, then Orthanc should have no problem accessing it.

If you are talking about blob storage, then a storage plugin is required.

The list of contributed plugins at mentions an Amazon S3 storage plugin (

Another (official) plugin allows to store the data and index in a PostgreSQL database : (pay attention to the AGPL license).


Thank you for the respond. I mean i want to buy cloud WD with 12TB coneected with ethernet to my server. And i want to use it like a storage. Is that possible?

I think that cloud WD basically acts as a network attached storage with SMB.

There is no cloud or Internet/remote access involved in your question, right ?

If you can browse this device from the filesystem (for instance, in the Windows Explorer or Mac finder or somewhere in /mnt in your GNU/Linux machine), then Orthanc will be able to use it as a storage.

The Orthanc Book explains how you can configure Orthanc to point it to the location where the data should be read & stored :

Read the Orthanc JSON configuration files : all the various settings are documented inside the file.