MWL Problems with GE Optima CT520

Hey guys,

Been trying for a few months to get the worklist plugin working with a General Electric CT machine (Optima CT520). The machine simply refuses to display worklist items and thats that, I’ve tried with GE ultrasounds and they work fine. I’ve come to the point where I have no more ideas what to do and how to test it. I have tried a different MWL SCP and with I’ve had some success with the machine displaying a different error.

Error message with Orthanc MWL:

Error message with different MWL SCP:

I have attached all the worklist files I have tested with (many different combinations of tags, have read the dicom conformance of the CT520 and have added all the mandatory tags), literally stuck at this point with no idea what to do anymore. any suggestions or help is welcomed.

Thank you

ct-ct520-sop.wl (864 Bytes)

ct01-DummyPatient.wl (1.78 KB)

ct01-rzdcx-test.wl (844 Bytes)

ct01-rzdcx-toshko.wl (758 Bytes)

ct520-DummyPatient.wl (1.78 KB)

ct520-rzdcx-test.wl (846 Bytes)

ct520-rzdcx-toshko.wl (760 Bytes)

ct-ct01.wl (870 Bytes)

ct-ct01-sop.wl (862 Bytes)

ct-ct520.wl (872 Bytes)


Unfortunately, it is very hard to reproduce your issue without having an access to your modality.

I’m able to retrieve all the worklists you provided by querying Orthanc from the command-line. For instance, the following command will return your 10 sample files:

findscu -W localhost 4242 -k “PatientName=”

So, your worklists seem correctly formatted. For debugging, you should start Orthanc with the “–verbose” flag and post the resulting log in this thread. For instance, here is what Orthanc shows in its log when issuing the “findscu” command above:

I0713 09:27:50.072529 CommandDispatcher.cpp:491] Association Received from AET FINDSCU on IP
I0713 09:27:50.072963 CommandDispatcher.cpp:689] Association Acknowledged (Max Send PDV: 16372)
I0713 09:27:50.073463 main.cpp:119] No limit on the number of C-FIND results at the Patient, Study and Series levels
I0713 09:27:50.073512 main.cpp:129] No limit on the number of C-FIND results at the Instance level
I0713 09:27:50.073863 PluginsManager.cpp:171] Received worklist query from remote modality FINDSCU:
“0010,0010” : “”

I0713 09:27:50.080134 CommandDispatcher.cpp:860] DUL Peer Requested Release
I0713 09:27:50.080169 CommandDispatcher.cpp:867] Association Release

As you notice, in “–verbose” mode, Orthanc will display the content of the worklist query issued by your Optima CT520.

Also, make sure that your Optima CT520 is correctly defined in the “DicomModalities” section of the Orthanc configuration file. Otherwise, Orthanc will refuse the association, which could lead to such error messages in your modality.