Multiple viewer connection

Hi everybody, I wanted to know if i can use multiple viewer on orthanc? example i have 4 workstation connected to the network all using radiant viewer and want to connect to orthanc, do i have to change the config file? The workstation where the orthanc is installed and using radiant is already ok, Im just wondering if there are any configuration that i have to change. Thank you very much.

Connect as many viewers are you want. Just add their IP, port and AET in config file and you are good to go.

Viewer like RadiANT, Clearcanvas, Osirix (Mac), Horos (Mac) are StandAlone Viewers. You could have as many as you want on the Radiologist Computer.

Steps to be performed on Viewers side. :

  1. Create a DICOM Node and do configure Orthance Server IP Address, Port No and AE Title. These will be used as Parameters for C-FIND
  2. Ensure the Viewers has Unique AE Title (Unique) and Port No as DICOM Servers. This information later should be configured in Orthance and are used during C-MOVE

Steps to be performed on Orthance Side.

  1. Create a DICOM Node on Orthance side, Enter the Viewers IP Address, Unique AE Title and Port No for each viewer.

Now you can either use Orthance Web UI to Push (C-STORE) a selected study to the Viewer or from you Viewer DICOM Query (C-FIND) / Retrieve (C-MOVE) is used.

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