Multiple Orthancs against a single Postgres

Hey all,

Noticed that it’s possible to have multiple Orthanc servers running against a single Postgres instance. Does anybody have experience doing this in practice?

Ideally, this would be my setup :

  • n number of Orthanc servers running in Docker containers. Docker containers hosted in Fargate or Kubernetes
  • Orthanc servers configured to store images on S3
  • All Orthanc servers hitting the same Postgres install, hosted in RDS
    Does this sound like a reasonable setup? Is anybody doing this? Any weird problems with concurrancy?

I set up 2 instance of Orthanc in one docker sharing the same Postgres (running in docker also). One Orthanc is for reading and the other one is for writing. So one orthanc only takes single responsibility and would minimize blocking in case of large traffic.

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There is a FAQ about multiple Orthanc servers accessing the same PostgreSQL database:

Summarizing, Christopher is right when saying that it should be OK to have 1 single Orthanc that writes data to PostgreSQL, and multiple Orthanc that read data. Attention must however be taken with the “SaveJobs” option, and with using the same configuration file among all the Orthanc servers.