Multiframe DICOM


I uploaded a Ktrans multiframe dicom image on orthanc (uploaded here also: and I’m trying to view it in OHIF viewer. From this discussion (!searchin/orthanc-users/dicom$20p10%7Csort:date/orthanc-users/wtt82T2HbMs/YZOm9qE1BgAJ) it seems the cornerstoneWebImageLoader should be used instead of cornerstoneWADOImageLoader, but it is not working for me. However, when I upload it from my local it works fine here Therefore, I guess it is not the Image loader problem. I was wondering if there is anything in Orthanc that I need to configure to make it work.



No, there’s nothing that you can configure in Orthanc that could have an impact on how the the OHIF viewer would receive the image.
So, please, get in touch with the OHIF team.