Modifying Metadata

Every once in a while they input the wrong patient ID on our ultrasound machine. Then of course it causes a chain of problems inside Orthanc - especially if later the use that same ID for the correct patient.

I have a basic understanding of the API calls, but I’m just frustrating myself trying to chat the Patient metadata, then the study metadata - and not mixing it up or otherwise breaking it.

I don’t guess there is a user friendly way of making these kind of metadata changes?

From the Orthanc point of view, the API is the only way to modify a study/patient.

You might get some more user friendly interface from Salim Kanoun’s Orthanc_tools:

Thanks Alain for suggesting my App.

I’m working currently on a new major version or Orthanc_Tools (
So feel free to give your sugesstion for this tool built on the top of Orthanc