Modify study tag via restapi without changing Orthanc study id?

I know its possible to modify a study tag via rest api as follows:

$ curl http://localhost:8042/studies/ef2ce55f-9342856a-aee23907-2667e859-9f3b734d/modify -X POST -d ‘{“Replace”:{“InstitutionName”:“My own clinic”}}’


{ “ID” : “1c3f7bf4-85b4aa20-236e6315-5d450dcc-3c1bcf28”,

“Path” : “/studies/1c3f7bf4-85b4aa20-236e6315-5d450dcc-3c1bcf28” }

But the problem is that I don’t want the study ID (or anything else for that matter) to change as it does in the example above from ef2ce55f-9342856a-aee23907-2667e859-9f3b734d to 1c3f7bf4-85b4aa20-236e6315-5d450dcc-3c1bcf28. Is this possible?

You should not try to modify dicoms by keeping the UID, DICOMs are uniquely identified and are meant to not be altered. if you change metadata, you have new dicoms with new UID.

However, in your case you should edit the series level, you will generate new instance with the metadata you want but at the series level the new instances will still have the same parent study, so you will land with new series in the same study.

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Thanks for your reply. Cheers.