Modify Patient

We have recently started using Orthanc and so far it’s great!

I am currently writing a component into our system to read DICOM images for patients from Orthanc via the PIDs that the techs enter on the machines. I have read that more advanced methods of querying Orthanc are in the works, which would be very exciting from my perspective. In the meantime iterating over the studies is working OK for me. The only problem I am running into is that sometimes the techs are forgetting to enter in patient information on their studies. Is there a way to modify the patient data ( PatientName, PatientId) in Orthanc? I have noticed that there is not a modify entry under patient on the REST documentation.

Thanks for your help.


Thanks for your feedback!

I have previously received similar requests. It is indeed currently not possible to modify a patient, but only a study or a series. I have just registered this feature in our roadmap:

For this feature to preserve data consistency in Orthanc, it will be required to change the PatientID for every patient modification.

Stay tuned,

Dear Nick,

I forgot about our discussion. Since Orthanc 0.7.5 (released in May, 2014), it is possible to modify all the instances of a patient in a single REST call. For instance:

curl http://localhost:8042/patients/6ab46a95-3c7b782d-757bc7b7-9a3c0ce6-e09b1a3c/modify -X POST -d ‘{“Replace”:{“PatientID”:“Hello”,“PatientName”:“Sample patient name”}}’

This line would modify all the instances of the patient whose Orthanc ID is “6ab46a95-3c7b782d-757bc7b7-9a3c0ce6-e09b1a3c”, replacing her name with “Sample patient name”.

Please note that, in this case, you have to replace the (0010,0020) “PatientID” tag for Orthanc to accept this modification: This is to prevent the merging of patient data before and after anonymization, if the user does not explicitly tell Orthanc to do so.


Dear Sebastien,

I have a little question: Is there any web GUI to modify patients data or merge studies?

Thank you.

Dear Fabrizio,

To the best of my knowledge, there is no such Web GUI that is currently available, even though the REST API of Orthanc implements all the required primitives.

A plugin could however be developed by third-party developers to extend the built-in Web interface (aka. Orthanc Explorer):