measurement value issue using Osimis web viewer ?


I’m having some issues testing the Osimis Web viewer.
If You see these two captures, one from Osimis and the other form antoher Pacs Viewer, when I do a measurement I have diferents values.
The right one is the value of the Philips Viewer.
¿Is this something related to some kind of configuration I missed to do ?


Hi Diego,

In the release 1.0.0, there was indeed an issue with the US measures. It has been solved in release 1.0.1. Can you check what version you’re are using ?
If you’re using 1.0.1 or above, could you send us the .dcm file that causes the issue ?



Hello Alain, we have these versions:
Package contents 17.6.1


We have installed the lastest packages, but the version of the Osimis Web viewer is 1.0.0 (not 1.0.1)

Content of the package 17.11.0


Well, the latest package is actually 18.4.3


component                             version


I just realized that the README.txt of the latest release was not up to date and was still referencing version 17.11.0. That explains why you actually have the 1.0.2 running.