Lua SQL capability in the Windows version of Orthanc?

I’ve been working with Orthanc using the Docker approach, all hosted on linux machines. I recently had a request for a Windows version of our setup, so I’ve been looking into how well I could port our configuration.

Does the Lua scripting engine built into the Windows version of Orthanc come with the SQL modules installed? I ask because I add the Lua SQL module to the official Docker Orthanc image in order to make my own calls to a SQL database from the Lua script running in Orthanc.

I’m thinking about creating a non-Docker version of our setup on Windows. That would require installing the Orthanc exe. Presumably, I then have no control over whether the Lua engine comes with the SQL modules or not.

Thanks for your help,


No, Lua extensions for database backends (such as luadbi or LuaSQL) are not available in static builds of Orthanc (which is the case of our official Windows binaries). Actually, the Lua engine shipped with Orthanc is barebone, with no extension installed.

You’ll have to modify the “LuaConfiguration.cmake” script to add such extensions:


Yes, I suspected as much.

By the way, with the docker approach, it is a simple matter to derive another image from the Orthanc image that installs the LuaSQL libraries, no recompliation necessary.