Lua 5.3 and sha-3

Hi, a couple of product roadmap questions. Is there a plan to upgrade the Orthanc Lua interpretor? I believe that right now you use 5.1 right? Is there a plan to upgrade to 5.3 and if so when?

The reason I’m asking is that we’d like to use SHA-3 hashing functions and these are only natively implemented in Lua 5.3. If I can use these natively in Lua, it would mean that I get a platform independent setup of Orthanc with no additional packages, while if I have to rely on OS level commands, that become platform dependent.


You can simply compile Orthanc from source on a GNU/Linux system equipped with Lua 5.3, and dynamically link against that library.

Lua 5.1 is only used for static builds.


I had a look, and Lua 5.1 is indeed very outdated (more than 6 years old):

As a consequence, I have just upgraded the static builds of the Orthanc mainline to Lua 5.3.5:

This upgrade will be part of forthcoming Orthanc 1.4.3.