Login problem

I install orthanc on windows and configure file for http login and set user name and password but can not login
this is my configure


  • Security-related options for the HTTP server

// Whether remote hosts can connect to the HTTP server
“RemoteAccessAllowed” : true,

// Whether or not SSL is enabled
“SslEnabled” : false,

// Path to the SSL certificate in the PEM format (meaningful only if
// SSL is enabled)
“SslCertificate” : “certificate.pem”,

// Whether or not the password protection is enabled
“AuthenticationEnabled” : true,

// The list of the registered users. Because Orthanc uses HTTP
// Basic Authentication, the passwords are stored as plain text.
“RegisteredUsers” : {
// “dicom” : “dicom123”

Please help me for solved this problem.
Thank you

It “AuthenticationEnabled” is “true”, the “RegisteredUsers” option must contain at least one item.

In your configuration, the “dicom” user is commented out by the two forward slashes.

thank you so much

thank you so much