list of known issues affecting the last release


we are developing a software medical device and for our process, we need to validate the SOUP items we use. This involves checking if there are known issues with a specific version of a SOUP item.

What is the best way of getting such a list about Orthanc Core 1.5.8?

What I found so far:

Issues scheduled for the next minor release:

Issues scheduled for the next major release:

Bugs with new and open status in Orthanc core:

Is this exhaustive? Is there a better way?

Thank you.

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All this information is contained in the issue tracker of the Orthanc repository:

You might also have an interest in this discussion forum, in the Orthanc Book, and in our roadmap:

Finally, make sure to carefully read the following FAQ entry:


Thank you, that’s very helpful. Especially the roadmap that I have not noticed before.