Large study download issue

When I try to generate an archive of a study asynchronously and then try to download the archive using the following once the archive generation is done. (where xxxxxxxxxxx is the job id)

but intermittently and specially with large studies ie those over 1gb I get the following error: in the Orthanc logs

E1117 01:06:33.709306 OrthancException.cpp:57] Accessing an inexistent item: Job has no such output: archive

and a 404 error is sent back by the server.

Hi Rana,

You may want to try to change this configuration:

  // Maximum number of ZIP/media archives that are maintained by[](
  // Orthanc, as a response to the asynchronous creation of archives.[](
  // The least recently used archives get deleted as new archives are[](
  // generated. This option was introduced in Orthanc 1.5.0, and has[](
  // no effect on the synchronous generation of archives.[](
  "MediaArchiveSize" : 1,



Thank you for your reply Alain. What would you recommend changing this value to ?

I leave it up to you depending on your usage :slight_smile:

lol…fair enough. Thanks for your help.