IsStable study


I’m trying to ask orthanc to return studies that have the value “IsStable”: true, but I can’t add this label and it works properly.

It asks the url “/tools/find/” and the query parameters are as follows:
“Level”: “Studies”, “CaseSensitive”:false, “IsStable”:false, “Expand”:true, “Query”: {“ModifiedImageDate”: “20190224-20190225”}}

But it ignores the “IsStable” label and returns to me those who have the value of “true”.

Does anyone know how to make that request the right way?


You can’t filter “IsStable” using the “/tools/find” URI.

You can simply run “/tools/find” as follows:

$ curl http://localhost:8042/tools/find -d ‘{“Level”:“Study”,“Expand”:true,“Query”:{“PatientName”:“KNIX”}}’
“ID” : “b9c08539-26f93bde-c81ab0d7-bffaf2cb-a4d0bdd0”,
“IsStable” : true,
“LastUpdate” : “20190228T084731”,
“MainDicomTags” : {
“InstitutionName” : “0ECJ52puWpVIjTuhnBA0um”,
“ReferringPhysicianName” : “1”,
“StudyDate” : “20070101”,
“StudyDescription” : “Knee (R)”,
“StudyID” : “1”,
“StudyInstanceUID” : “1.2.840.113619.2.176.2025.1499492.7391.1171285944.390”,
“StudyTime” : “120000.000000”
“ParentPatient” : “6816cb19-844d5aee-85245eba-28e841e6-2414fae2”,
“PatientMainDicomTags” : {
“PatientID” : “ozp00SjY2xG”,
“PatientName” : “KNIX”
“Series” : [ “f2635388-f01d497a-15f7c06b-ad7dba06-c4c599fe” ],
“Type” : “Study”

As can be seen, the “IsStable” field is reported by “/tools/find”. Your calling application just has to filter out the results using this information.

If this behavior is inadequate for your Web client, you can easily develop a dedicated plugin to filter the results server-side: