After successfully setting up an instance of Orthanc 1.0.0 on a VM I was able to fill it with all my test data and everything was running smoothly.

To safe some disk space my IT enables the de-dublication on the disk where I put the OrthancStorage and since then I get the following error every time the server tries to access the files:

E0118 09:24:46.350888 Toolbox.cpp:213] The path does not point to a regular file: OrthancStorage-v6\af\75\af758685-2a3a-43af-89c9-6e1ed982ebfb

After looking into the sources I found that the boost function is_regular_file is used to determine if the file is valid.
Unfortunately the files handled by the windows system now have a different file_type in boost:
reparse_file, // Windows: FILE_ATTRIBUTE_REPARSE_POINT that is not a symlink

They are no symlink, no directory and no regular file either.So by checking is_regular_file() Orthanc runs into false negative cases.

Is there an issue tracker where I can add more details or is this forum the right place for this kind of discussion?



Thanks for your feedback!

Is it possible for you to post the required patch in this thread? I will include it in the repository afterwards.


PS: The issue tracker is at:

Hi Sébastian,

I created a new issue on the tracker:


Hi Jens,

Thanks for reporting the issue!

This should be fixed now in the mainline thanks to the following changeset:


Hi Sébastien,

looks good. I’ll try it on my server to check it.

Thanks & Greetings