is ORTHANC able to show Presentation States ?

Dear all,

I’m sending an image and an associated presentation state (two separate *.dcm files) to ORTHANC using DCMTK’s storescu:
storescu.exe -aec ORTHANC localhost 4242 C:\work\myImageAndPS*

Both files show up in ORTHANC, but I can see the image without the Presentation State applied to it. Is there any way to see that too on ORTHANC ?



As you noticed, presentation states can be received/stored/sent by Orthanc:

However, displaying presentation states is out of the scope of a DICOM server. For the moment, you’ll have to use a professional DICOM viewer. The display of presentation states is considered as part of our sister project “Stone of Orthanc”:

Stone is under active development. Financial support is welcome to speed-up the implementation of presentation states: