Is it possible to do a trace measurement via web viewer?

I’m still trying to get Orthanc setup for a small neurology practice who is trying it out. We have been able to make some progress today. I have one question though. Is it possible to do a trace measurement with computation of an ultrasound via any of the web viewers? I know we can do a linear measurement, ellipse or square, but how about an irregular object? I have attached an example.


OHIF/Cornerstone has a freehand ROI tool that supports measurements like this. OHIF can connect to Orthanc when Orthanc is using its DICOM Web plugin, and the OHIF Viewer is configured to use it.


Thank you - I’ll give it a shot.

Hey Danny - I notice that you appear to be on the dev team over at OHRI. When I use the web demo of OHRI I don’t see any way to freehand roi. Am I missing something or is it maybe an older version?

OHIF sorry not OHRI

The OHIF Viewer is highly configurable. The default tool configuration does not include the Freehand ROI tool. You can see it in this Cornerstone Tools deploy preview here:


OHIF’s Cornerstone Extension supports changing the default tool configuration; including adding custom tools that implement the Cornerstone Tools base tool interface. You can update OHIF’s configuration: “[]” to include a tool definition that registers the FreehandRoi tool. There is some light documentation at

If that’s a bit complicated, or if you run into issues, please don’t hesitate to create a new Issue on the OHIF/Viewers GitHub repository. We’re always looking for feedback, and more than happy to assist.