Integrating aws s3 plugin in orthanc, do i need to upload the dicom images first?

Integrating aws s3 plugin in orthanc dicom web server, since dicom images are already there in aws s3 bucket, does the plugin will help orthanc to fetch the info (studies, series and instances) from bucket since we have not uploaded the dicom images using orthanc API to aws s3 bucket.


No, you have to ingest the DICOM file either from the Orthanc API, the DICOMweb or DICOM protocol.


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Hi @bcrickboom, thank you for your response.

To clarify, I’ve already uploaded DICOM images to an S3 bucket using the DICOM protocol (via tools like storescp). This was a substantial effort, as I have approximately 100TB of image data stored in this manner. My question is whether I still need to separately upload these images to Orthanc to enable image serving directly from the S3 bucket. Could you please confirm whether Orthanc requires a duplicate upload of these DICOM images despite them already being stored in S3 using the DICOM protocol?

Yes, I confirm. Orthanc is not able to index existing files in an existing S3 bucket.

Hi @alainmazy Thank you for your response.

What is the feasibility of introducing on-demand fetching of images from an S3 bucket using Lua scripts, plugins, or Python scripts. My whole goal is to avoid the dicom images upload using orthanc API’s and all.

This is not possible. At some point, you need to feed the file through the API (or through the DICOM protocol).