Instance Availability Notification


Any plans to implement Instance Availability Notification in Orthanc?

The use case is an external system that needs to be notified when a new Study arrives in order to schedule a new work item (like an interpretation request for the new study).

The current alternative, to the best of my knowledge is to continually and periodically poke the archive to see if a programmed study was received. Not to mention the edge case where a study was performed outside the modality work list schedule for whatever reason.


There already is study (not instance) notification. Check out OnStableStudy or OnStableSeries.

Dear Jon,

Please could you be more specific about what you expect from Orthanc?

Would you like Orthanc to include the optional “Instance Availability” (0008,0056) tag in its C-FIND responses?

For the time being, Orthanc would only answer “ONLINE” (nearline/offline/unavailable storages are not supported as of Orthanc 1.5.7).