Initial start up question

I’ve installed this on a single computer to take it for a spin.

If this were installed on a server and networked, how would additional users access the PACS from other workstations? Is there a workstation module or does the software need to be installed in full on all computers? Is there a help file or posted instructions here that tell how to network the system?

Instead of uploading exams from each modality, is there a way to network the system so that each modality can send their exams to PACS?

Thanks in advance

Stan Cohen
Monsey, NY

Hi Stan,

Orthanc is indeed a server! So a use as you describe, through network, is the main usage of Orthanc.
There is no workstation module, no need to install something on all computers (except a common web browser : Firefox, Chrome,…).
You just need to install Orthanc on a server which has to be reachable from other computers (ask your sys admin or share your network configuration) and everything is done.

Regarding your last question, Orthanc is also a DICOM modality. So your modalities can directly send exams to Orthanc (see


Hi Stan

As explained to you, you have to install Orthanc on a server and configure it to receive information from the medical teams that send information in DICOM format. Then you can install dicom viewers such as RADIANT on the workstations and you can view the studies stored on the server where the Orthanc is installed according to the selected search criteria. This variant works perfectly and is very fast in the location of the studies on the server and in the subsequent visualization.