importing postgresql dcm4che database into orthanc


I am thinking of switching our PACS (running DCM4che 2.17.3 with a postgresql database with 12Tb of images) to Orthanc.

Is it relatively straightforward to import the postgresql database into Orthanc (using the Postgres plugin)?

Any help appreciated.



You could create a Python script to browse the content of the PostgreSQL database managed by your dcm4chee server, then use the REST API of Orthanc to import the DICOM instances:

Many Python modules exist to read a PostgreSQL database, for instance:

If your dcm4chee server stores the DICOM files directly inside the filesystem (and not inside its PostgreSQL index), the solution is even simpler. You can indeed simply ignore the PostgreSQL database of dcm4chee, and directly use the sample “” script:

As a final note, as you are dealing with a relatively large database (12TB), make sure to use the PostgreSQL plugin for Orthanc (and not its default built-in SQLite database):


In addition to what Sebastien comments:

  1. dcm4chee by default always stores a pointer in the database but not the DICOM object that is hosted on the filesystem
  2. You will not be able to dump the database and take it to Orthanc because the schema and tables do not match in dcm4chee and Orthanc
    3)As an alternative, in dcm4chee-2.X you have a toolkit that, among other things, allows you to export files from one PACS to another, using the DICOM protocol.

Best regards Gufer