Importing from fileshare without moving the dicom files


Is there a way to import dicom files from a storage location and that Orthanc can serve the dicom files from that specific location?

I’ve tried using the “StoreDicom” : false option but after reading the description a second time it only adds the dicom tags tot the DB

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Martin Dijkhuizen
University of Groningen.

Hi Martin,

No, unfortunately, there’s no such feature in Orthanc right now. Orthanc must always be the “master” of its storage and copy the data in its own storage.

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The answer to your question is the same as the following thread related to Radiant:



For your interest, the new “Folder Indexer” plugin by UCLouvain should fulfill your needs:



Hello Sebastien and thanks for the info. I expect this plugin not to be the best with laaaarge data (1-10 Terrabytes of Dicom files). Am I right ?
Nevertheless, it may be usefull for other needs. Thanks


Hello François,

My personal feeling is that if you combine the “Folder Indexer” plugin with the “PostgreSQL index plugin”, this could work even on several TB of data.

Indeed, despite the fact that the database of the “Folder Indexer” plugin internally uses a separate SQLite database, the latter has a very simple schema that should be able to index millions of files.

This could be worth a try: Please share your findings.


This looks like a great addition.

For very large databases maybe there could be an option for a starting point and a timed interval (something like “sync starting from today, last three days of studies”), so orthanc could be used as an option a simple contingency of a main server…

Tnaks for your work

I have added your suggestion to the TODO file: