Import all DICOM Files from an DVD to the Orthanc Server


I am an newbie with the Orthanc Server.
The server himself works fine.

We want to import all DICOM files from a DVD with several directories.
Can we import all the files at once or must we import the files from each directory individually?

Many thanks in advance!!!


You could import them all at once, there is an example python script that will allow you to import all the dicom files in a directory recursively

Hi Christoph,

Here is the script Raúl is talking about:

Okay, many thanks!

how can I use the script or how do I integrate this in orthanc?

It’s a self explanatory script … you just run it from a console, passing the OrthanC host as first param, and the directory you whant to import as second param.

Many thanks at all!!

It works!!!

You can do it in Orthanc Tool as well (with graphical user interface)

see video


okay, thanks, but I could not install the x32 exe on the windows server . Its an Windows 2016 OS…
Only the OrthancStorage withe the index file will be created…