image folder question

Good day,
I would like to ask how can i change the file folder of orthanc to the name of patient? Is there a setting in the orthanc configuration so that when i open the image folder i can see the patient name or patient id number instead of just letters. Thank you and have a good day.

image folder.png


Check out the VPI Reveal contributed plugin:

There is also the sample “WriteToDisk” Lua script:

Note that these two solutions will duplicate the Orthanc storage area.

Finally, we would like to develop a free and open-source FUSE virtual filesystem for Orthanc:

For this last point, we need financial support. Let us know if you are interested to contribute.


How do I add this to my plug ins? i cant find the download link for the file. sorry for the noob questions. How do I configure it to my orthanc?

This is explained in the Orthanc Book:

Check out the “Plugins” configuration option.


I already created the orthanc dicom server so if I have to install this plug in I have to create a new dicom server?

No, you can add plugins without reinstalling Orthanc.

where can i download the .dll for the vpi reveal? Sorry im not a programmer so im not familiar with it. After I add this plug in the files in my storage will change to patient name right?

This is a contributed plugin: As a consequence, the core Orthanc developers do not provide support for it.

Please get in touch with the developers of the plugins, and share your insights on this forum.

Check out the AUTHORS file in the source repository:

So i have decided to go with writetodisk.lua way. I can send my patient info to orthancs but i can see the files on the folder where i assigned them to be. I have attached the config.json and writetodisk.lua file. I cant see where i made a wrong configuration. Thanks in advance

TARGET = ‘C:\Orthanc\Images’( is this where the files should be? or this is where .lua will get the files to be copied? .lua will create another copy of the patient files right?

writetodisk.lua (1.53 KB)

orthanc.json (14.6 KB)

Orthanc.log.20180713-112010.12740 (6.14 KB)

Any updates on this? Sorry im a beginner in programming so i have alot of questions.

Please provide a log in “–verbose” mode, as explained in the Orthanc Book: