Image bar size

Dear All,
I’m trying to reduce the size of the image bar (green stripe at the lower part of each image) on Osimis. I have the feeling that this adjustment was possible in the past. But in the latest realize of Osimis I can’t find that option. Can you help?

Many thanks



This option ?

// Reduce the Timeline height when there’s a single image in a series
“ReduceTimelineHeightOnSingleFrameSeries”: false,

Dear Alain,

Thanks for your response, I tried the one you suggested but it doesnt have any effect on the size. The problem is that the size of the bar is too big and it would be great if someone could toggle it (appear/disappear) or make it smaller.


Dear Nikos,

This is precisely the purpose of free and open-source software: If you want some improvement, you can implement it by yourself, provided you respect the AGPL license by publicly giving back your modifications to the community.

Here is the location for the source code of this plugin:

I have never worked on this plugin by myself, but here is the link to the SCSS stylesheets that define the frontend of the viewer: