humble request

First of all thank you for orthanc. So much easier to implement than dcm4chee that I had been using
I am a Veterinarian and do the IT for our emergency center. I have an orthanc install that is a redundant pacs and web portal for our
day practices that feed in to the center.

I log in frequently to monitor the films that were taken, and am not looking for a particular patient normally, but rather a date or range of dates.

I can now use the query/retrieve to see a list of studies for a date range, but then have to write down the names in order to access them on the patient search.

Would it be possible in a future update to make the study date searchable as well as the birthdate? Or would that mess things up too much for the conventional user

who is normally looking for a specific study/name/birthdate?

It’s a minor issue I guess, but wondered if this would be useful to others as well.

Again thanks for all the work. I have several Veterinarians who have set up raspberry pi’s from an image I prepared with

a few simple scripts for editing the config, stopping the service and re starting. They literally save thousands of dollars

to have a secondary pacs and web portal vs paying monthly to their vendor or a secondary service.

Dear John,

Thanks for your positive, stimulating feedback!

The following FAQ is an answer to your question:

In a nutshell, please develop a higher-level Web interface dedicated to veterinarians on the top of Orthanc, ideally as an Orthanc plugin in order to ease the deployment. Any computer scientist knowing a bit of C/C++ and HTML/JavaScript could implement this for you.



Look at this video :
In my Orthanc tool app I have date range search limit implemented for study date.

I didn’t made the birthdate search filter but I think I could add it.

The App is here :

Contact me in private if you need the birthdate filter as well, I will add it and send you a testing version before making an official release,