How to upload proprietary compressed image file to Orthanc


we have developed a wavelet-based medical image compression method and we would like to upload the compressed bitstream file to Orthanc to be avalaible for downloading. I understand that Orthanc only allows the uploading of DICOM files.
How could we add a DICOM header to the proprietary compressed bitstream file in order to be able to upload it to Orthanc? How could this header be removed after dowloading, so that the compressed file can be decoded?

Matina Zerva


Orthanc is a DICOM server, that can receive/store/send DICOM images.

New image compression algorithms are introduced in the DICOM standard by defining new transfer syntax:

The definition of a new transfer syntax can take years and is the job of the DICOM consortium. Orthanc has nothing to do in this process (it is “just” one of the many implementations of the DICOM standard).

You might possibly find an already existing IOD that could allow to wrap some arbitrary binary data (such as your bitstream) into a DICOM file:

If you find such as IOD, Orthanc would be able to immediately ingest it, and to retrieve the binary data. For further help on this forum, please provide such a sample DICOM file.

As a consequence, I kindly ask you to redirect your question to the following mailing list:!forum/comp.protocols.dicom