How to send instance custom metadata to modality?

Hi everyone.

I create a custom metadata on some instances and i want to send this instances with yours custom metadatas to another orthanc server. But when i send this instance through SendToModality on lua script the metadata is not comming. Has any way to share instances with yours custom metadatas?

Hi, Fernando!

Is your metadata registered in the dictionary?

Also, can you share your configuration files?


Hi, Luiz.

I think dont. I just create a item on UserMetadata and UserContentType options. I need to configure something on dictionary option too?

Well, there’s nothing built-in in Orthanc to transfer the metadata. You’ll have to use the Rest API to retrieve the metadata from Orthanc A and write them in Orthanc B.

Hi Alain.
Thanks for this help. I'll use this method and sendo through API