How to integrate Dicom into my C++ application

hello all

I m new to dicom. I want to add dicom into my application (c++ written) . what are basics activities i need to do to integrate dicom into my application ?

thanx in advance

You could use any of the availables libraries to do so, you could check how Orthanc does it reading it source code. But not an easy task at all.


I would personally highly recommend you to call the REST API of Orthanc from C++ (e.g. using libcurl), which would enable you to avoid dealing directly with the DICOM format and protocol.

Check out the Orthanc Book, especially the following two sections:

There does exist an “orthanc-client” client library for C++ [1], but this library is currently under heavy refactoring to allow wrapping in other languages and to bring huge speedups. A new version should be available by Q4 2016.