how to include feilds in qido request?

Hi everyone.

I have a orthanc server using gcp healthcare, and i want add some tags on my queries results. I’m trying send this request to my server, but the institution name is not comming:

curl -X POST http://localhost:8042/dicom-web/servers/sample/get -d @- << EOF

how can i add anothers tags to response?


The “includefield” works as expected if Orthanc acts as the DICOMweb server, as can be seen on our demo server:

$ curl -X POST -d ‘{“Uri”:“/studies”,“Arguments”:{“includefield”:“00080080”}}’
$ curl -X POST -d ‘{“Uri”:“/studies”}’

The “Institution Name” tag (0008,0080) is reported by the former command, whereas the latter command does not contain this tag.

So, the “includefield” feature seems to be unsupported by Google Cloud Platform. Please get in touch with Google.