How to import as different PatientID?

Hello everyone.

I am operating Orthanc on debian.
I want to import DICOM CD-R (from another hospital) as different PatientID (my hospital’s ID).

I have read ‘Anonymization and modification’ Orthanc Book, and I try…

$ python localhost 8042 /media/cdrom/DICOM
$ curl http://localhost:8042/patients/++++++/modify -X -POST -d ‘{“Replace”:{“PatientID”:“01234”},“Force”:true}’

and then…

There are duplicatid patients.
[Original patientID][Original PatientName][study][series][instances]
[Replaced patientID][Original PatientName][study][series][instances]

Dose someone know???


Orthanc does not automatically remove the original patient to preserve medical traceability. This ensures no data is accidentally lost.

After the PatientID is properly reconciliated with the call to “http://localhost:8042/patients/{original-id}/modify”, simply remove the original patient:

$ curl -X DELETE http://localhost:8042/patients/{original-id}


Thank you for your response.

I will try your answer.

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