How to create IAN dicom file from Lua script?


We would like to create IAN (Instance availability notification) DICOM file and send it to another AE Title on OnDeletedInstance event.

How we can create a custom DICOM file with Lua script?


Hi Marius,

Disclaimer: I’m not familiar at all with IAN.

To my knowledge, Orthanc is not able to handle IAN. Therefore, you would have to use an external tool to create the IAN and send it to the remote modality.

You might have better chances to implement this in a python plugin and then use pydicom and pynetdicom.

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The “/tools/create-dicom” URI in the REST API of Orthanc can be used to create DICOM files (and can be access from Lua):

You can find some examples in the Orthanc Book and in the integration tests: