How to connect OHIF Viewer to Orthanc

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to include OHIF Viewer to Orthanc. But am not able to do it. I used the below docker files but it seems to be of no help. I tried 2 variants of this code. I am new to Docker and not sure whether I am making any mistake. Can you please help?

When I do this, am able to view the Orthanc explorer (localhost:8042) where I can upload series of images and send to DICOM Modality but am not able to view OHIF Viewer in 3030/8899

1st variant - as shown below

2nd variant - except image,ports and volumes tag, everything is same


  1. version: ‘3.6’

  2. services:

  3. proxy:

  4. image: nginx:1.15-alpine #2nd variant is I replaced image name with “ohif/viewer:latest”

  5. ports:

    • “8899:80” #2nd variant is I replaced the port number with “3030:80”
  6. network_mode: “host”

  7. volumes: #2nd variant - No volumes section

    • ./config/nginx.conf:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf:ro
  8. restart: unless-stopped

  9. orthanc:

  10. image: jodogne/orthanc-plugins:1.5.6

  11. hostname: orthanc

  12. ports:

    • “4242:4242” # DICOM
    • “8042:8042” # Web
  13. network_mode: “host”

  14. volumes:

    • ./config/orthanc.json:/etc/orthanc/orthanc.json:ro
    • ./config/orthanc-db/:/var/lib/orthanc/db/
  15. restart: unless-stopped


Can you please guide/walk us through our how to integrate OHIF Viewer to Orthanc?


This question is related to OHIF. Please check out their official documentation: