How do i listen and react to changes in dicom server Orthanc

Hey, Im new to this group and an amateur when it comes to orthanc or dicom communication. I have a website that has to listen to new dicom files that come to a modality and call a get request that show each new patient in a table. I also want to modify some of those files to add some of my own data to it for various reasons. I have been struggling with understanding this. My website is written in MEVN stack and I am trying to listen to the new dicom files that come in and only save those new file metadata in my database and push the dicom files to s3 bucket. If more information is required about this i can provide it. Sorry if this question isn’t very clear. Any help would be great at this point. Thank you.


The “/changes” route in the REST API of Orthanc can be used to listen to changes: