How can I authenticate users for web application which I build

I want to build web app which using react.js and for backend use orthanc API system.
In this app I need to authenticate for users.
But I cannot access the username and password which I create in orthanc config file.
How can I access them ?

Well, you can’t retrieve users and passwords from the API (that’s generally not considered as a good practice to give access to all users passwords).

Your backend can eventually read the orthanc configuration file so he knows all users. However, users/passwords management in Orthanc is very poor since i.e., passwords are stored in plain text in the config file. So, this is not intended to be used in a production application.

So, you should store users/passwords in a separate database. Once your users are logged in your apps, you can include authorization header in all HTTP requests to Orthanc and use the authorization plugin to authorize access to Orthanc.

It’s work! Thank you.

27 Aralık 2018 Perşembe 12:38:11 UTC+3 tarihinde Alain Mazy yazdı: