Help Setting up OrthanC Stat!

Dear OrthanC community

I have been reading and reviewing your posts and it seems OrthanC is what we need.

We are trying to set up a pilot program for a web based pacs system. The pilot health facility has 3 machines, 1 X-ray, and 2 ultrasounds. All are on a LAN, and DICOM enabled and there is internet. I am not a programmer by any means and the IT team on the ground does not have the skill set/exprience to set this up.

What we need:

  1. We will install Teamviewer on one of the computers where we can setup OrthanC (windows)
  2. The three modalities will send to OrthanC server
  3. Then OrthanC continuosly sends to the Cloud (we have a hostgator dedicated server available or other if needed) for access everywhere
  4. Our Radiologists can review the studies from anywhere, web based
  5. Our referring docs can see the studies from anywhere, web based.
  6. This pilot facility does about 150 studies per day, can OrthanC manage this volume?
  7. Internet speed is about 500-700 kbps download and about 50-100kbps upload

If there is someone who can help us set up this simple demo via Teamviewer, Skype and phone will be great. We hope to have this done tomorrow Monday 17th Nov 2014. Sorry for short notice but i leave the country Wed, and need this running for proof of concept.

Anyone who has time to help? Sebastian, please feel free to recommend anyone you know who could assist us, and I can call them in the morning.


Dr Maliro

Hi Tennyson,

Orthanc can store 150 studies daily without any doubt. What I would
consider is switching to a higher upload speed. Provided you can
utilize the whole 100kbps link, uploading an average X-Ray study with
a few images will take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes (do you know the
size of your studies?). Which is be quite inconvenient provided you
have to upload 150 of them.

Also, do you want to use the webviewer for ultrasound images?