GUI Orthanc JSON Editor - Pre-Release

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce a GUI editor for Orthanc.json file.

This software allows you to edit the Orthanc.json file through a GUI with settings by settings control and generate a new orthanc.Json with your personal settings.

This software handles all settings of the Orthanc.json (except 3 exceptions of parameters very rarely used).

You can also restart Orthanc from this software to take account of the new orthanc.json

The software is written in Java, should work on all platform (tested on Linux and Windows) and is open source.

The software can be downloaded here :

The sources are on the same GitHub.

Due to the large number of parameters, even carefully coded, I can't exclude some bugs, so please report if you find one (

Salim Kanoun from the free and open source PET/CT viewer project.


Very cool!

Thank you for your contribution; I think this is a very welcome tool
for a majority of Orthanc users.

Thanks, Very nice.

Thanks for your efforts but I can get it to load my config file.

New version
Bug fix thanks to Rana,

still not loading config file for me :frowning:

Your file is loading, you just don’t see the difference since your Json have de default parameter.
Click on Dicom button and you will see your AET