Getting "Cross-Origin Request Blocked" in OHIF with Orthanc

On the latest builds of OHIF I’m unable to load studies from Orthanc…The browser console shows a bunch of “Cross-Origin Request Blocked” errors(screenshot attached). I’m using the Nginx config suggested in the Orthanc Book here >>>


in your browser: localhost:8099
in your console logs: localhost (which means port 80).
That’s not the same domain → cross origin errors


Thank you for your reply. I'm wondering if there nginx config file example for dealing with CORS in the orthanc book needs updating because I have been using that for ages(only change I make to is to change the listening port to 8099) without any issues until the recent OHIF builds.

You suggest that there are changes to be done in the Orthanc Book in the “Enabling CORS” section:

If this is the case, please provide a patch for the following source file: